About Sergei Rozin-Gurevich

Hello friends!

My name is Sergei Rozin-Gurevich and I am your “best guitar teacher”.

I live in Ottawa, Canada at this moment where I’ve come in 2002 from Minsk, Belarus. I fell in Love with a Guitar more then 40 years ago at age of 12 and since then this Passion stays with me taking different forms from learning to play being a student at Minsk State College of Music to rocking in bands, writing and performing songs as well as composing classical guitar pieces (“Guitar works”), teaching kids and developing own teaching method (“First steps”)for beginners.

And I am still here for you to help starting up your own amazing journey to the World of Guitar. Imagine all this beautiful colors and sounds of classical, acoustic, blues, rock ore jazz guitar styles are waiting for your Spirit of adventure taking you there. WOW!! All ages (6 to 60+) welcome! Your passion and desire is only matters. Let me take you there and give you only 3 keys I have: 1- practice, 2- practice, 3- MORE practice – they can open any door towards your dream of playing guitar. So? Ready? GOOOOO!


Sincerely yours “best guitar teacher”
Sergei Rozin-Gurevich


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